Halloween at Nagasaki Biopark

It doesn’t get better than this! Nagasaki Biopark in Japan has the most spoiled capybaras on the planet. When we can all travel again, this is where I’m going. Until then, my hat is off to the park for continuing to treat these royal beasts in the unparalleled manner to which they deserve.

That’s a serious pumpkin. Here’s the video:

Sticky-face capybara.

Turn up the volume for some serious nibbling sounds. This video from Nagasaki Biopark features a crowd of hungry capybaras eating a huge 50kg (110-ish lb) pumpkin.

There’s another video, too. This one’s a Jack-o-Lantern. ASMR refers to a pleasant sensation.

Nagasaki Biopark has a gazillion fabulous capybara videos. Popcorn time!

Link to original article: Capybaras nibbling on a huge pumpkin | The Kid Should See This

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