Cappy Halloween!

It’s October. Are you ready to see capybaras in costume? How about some mini-capybaras?

This video features JoeJoe and Dobby capybaras, and Carl and Peanut guinea pigs. Watch for the random emu!

Not all animals like to be dressed up. JoeJoe liked wearing costumes, Dobby not so much. Dobby refused to wear hats, but he was okay with bandannas and wings. Carl and Peanut loved to get dressed up. Stevie Ray loved photo shoots, too. The important thing is to make sure your pet is having a good time. It’s not worth forcing the issue.

Lucky reluctantly models his armor.

The most famous guinea pig costume was this armor. It was auctioned off on eBay and “sold” for a ridiculous sum, but the bidder defaulted. Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue eventually received a nice donation amount for the armor.

Need more capybaras? Here’s JoeJoe again. Get your popcorn!


All of the animals shown here (with the exception of Lucky, one supposes) enjoyed their photo shoots and so did we! Even Dobby cooperated as long as hats weren’t involved. He wasn’t thrilled with the Mickey Mouse hat, so we never tried that again.

Special thanks to Cody Kennedy and JoeJoe for the use of his photos and videos. Check out Cody’s shop and Patreon. He has some Halloween themed items currently available in his store.

The best guinea pig photos came from Becky Wilson of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you like guinea pigs (and who doesn’t?) follow MGPR on Facebook for care information and good fun.

The rest of the guinea pig photos are of former residents at Stacy’s Funny Farm. Don’t forget about Georgia Dee’s Gift Shop. You can also donate directly to Stacy’s Funny Farm, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



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