Three Puzzling Videos

Capybara videos circulate constantly. I stash them aside, hoping I’ll find a use for them, and finally trash them. Let’s clean out that folder right now. Here are three videos that I couldn’t quite figure out.


This first one is a puzzler because I am quite certain it is illegal to keep a capybara as a pet in Brazil. But here you go, this little girl has a pet capybara. It says here right in the article. She’s going to wish she was nicer to her pet when it weighs twice as much as she does. Note that the semi-aquatic capybara is not in the water. I wouldn’t go in there, either.

In Brazil, this girl and her pet capybara, called Anita, were filmed feeding the fish. According to the girl’s mother, it’s something they do everyday.

My second question is what is she feeding to the fish? Açai berries? Cheez balls?

Here’s the source: Little girl and capybara team up to feed the fish


Second video up is one that made the rounds extensively but I think this might be the original posting. No promises there. What has me puzzled is where on earth would you see both a capybara (South American rodent) and a meerkat (South African mongoose) loose, just hanging out in the same area? Capybaras free range in Japanese zoos, where guests are free to mingle with them, but I haven’t seen that elsewhere. Meerkats, on the other hand, though cute as a button, are known to be somewhat vicious. One zookeeper told me the meerkats were continually snagging wild cottontail rabbits in their enclosure and they had to watch carefully to make sure they weren’t feasting on one as the elementary school kids came through. Probably not petting zoo material. Anyway, I think this source is the original one. He works for the Indian Forest Service. It sure doesn’t look like Africa or South America.

A video of a meerkat running away after playing prank on a capybara has left the netizens in splits.

If you’re on twitter, this guy features some unique animal videos.

Source: Meerkat runs away after playing prank on capybara. Hilarious video goes viral


Third and final video obstinately refused to let me view the source, so I’m offering a teaser intro. You’re going to have to click on a link to go offsite to watch the video.

Capybara is Fidgeting… That Reason is My Favorite|テレ朝news

That’s the translated title of this article. I love the way google translates Japanese, it’s always a playful freeform poetry. What it has to do with this slapstick video comedy, I have no idea. It’s just a video of at least a dozen capybaras eating watermelon. I watched it ten times.


And here we go with the translation. I grabbed a screenshot of it on the page because it was funnier than the google translate version. As usual, they took a few liberties with words that fell at the end of lines, adding to the charm:

This is one of the corniest Japanese zoo videos I have ever seen, and worth a gander for that alone. Now that you’re intrigued, I’m going to ask you to trust me and click on the link below to watch the video on the original page.

Source: カピバラがそわそわ…そのワケは大好物のアレ|テレ朝news

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