Swimming Capybara

When you think you know everything about capybaras, information like this comes along. I have watched this short video a hundred times. Now I know that few of us could possibly provide an adequate swimming environment. Go full screen for this one.

The text for the article was originally in Portuguese. Using Google Translate and my meager interpretation skills, I can usually make sense of them. This article has a cryptic abbreviation and a mystery word that would be perfect for Scrabble if it wasn’t foreign. I will copy and paste directly from the translator, and good luck to you.

VIDEO: Would you be able to follow this good diving capybara caught in MS?

Capybaras, even though they are present in other regions of Brazil, are considered a symbol of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. These large rodents are considered by many to be the ‘xodós’ of the landscapes of MS. This Thursday (4), the Recanto Ecológico do Rio da Prata shared on the networks a video of a capybara showing that besides being cute, they are also great swimmers.

The incredible record was made by nature photographer Fernando Maidana in Jardim, in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul. Recanto is one of the main tourist spots in the world, reaching the finalist of the 2019 Tourism for Tomorrow Award, for the crystal clear waters of Rio da Silver.

In Tupi, the name Kapi’wara means “grass eater”. It is the largest rodent in the world, being very adapted to the aquatic environment. In the water, the capybara is a difficult prey for other predators, as it is an excellent swimmer.

In the comments, followers marveled at the mammal’s aquatic abilities. “What a beautiful thing❤️”, wrote one. “How beautiful. Nature is perfect,” wrote another.

Use this link to see the original article. If any of my Brazilian buddies can help with the translation, I will update this post. In any case, enjoy the video.

Or copy-and-paste the following link into your browser:


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