The High Park Capybaras

The High Park capybaras in Toronto became famous a few years back after they went walkabout. They were recaptured, of course, and have since settled down in domestic bliss.

Bonnie and Clyde, shown at the High Park Zoo in November, became local folk heroes when they evaded capture for weeks after escaping the zoo in the summer of 2016.

Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star

Toronto has nasty winters with lots of snow, but their winter quarters sound pretty good. They tend to get frostbite so it’s important to provide activities out of the snow during the long winters.

This summertime video shows only their pool and a grassy area, but it’s a terrific pool, and many capybara exhibits have little or no grass. Judging by their antics, these guys are happy and healthy and love their pool!

Check out the Toronto Star article here.

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