In Memoriam: Dobby Winnick (Part 3) | Capybara Madness

Melanie understands so well.

Stacy and Dobby Winnick

Our little herd.

Domestic pets, by design, readily bond with humans. Connecting with a wild animal takes a different approach, a constant reckoning, a conditional mutual respect. We were a herd, Dobby and I, and he trusted me to provide the safety and security he would have had in the wild. Every day was his day, and my human needs were arranged around his morning, noon, and dinner milk, his important work helping me feed and care for his flock of hens, his afternoon grazing in the front yard. I loved sharing my days with him, and they changed me forever. My days are suddenly empty, yet I still have a sanctuary full of needy animals. I can see that they miss him, too, especially little Princess Blur and big Norman. The memories are painful, now, but I trust that in time they will again make me smile.

They can’t take that away from me.

Here is Melanie’s beautiful memoriam, part 3:

Source: In Memoriam: Dobby Winnick (Part 3) « Capybara Madness

2 responses to “In Memoriam: Dobby Winnick (Part 3) | Capybara Madness

  1. I hope that you & Princess Blur & Big Norman can help each other heal from this huge loss. (I am in a similar situation at this time.) I know it takes some work, but we different species can help each other to heal from loss. Soo sorry for your loss. RIP Dobby.


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