Rodents in the News

Sorry, it’s not about me. I am kind of in the news because of my new book and everything, but, in fact, because of the last minute publishing flurry, I completely forgot about writing blogs. I’ll write a real blog someday soon, I promise!  Until then, here’s a Cheater Blog.

Beavers are not as impressive as capybaras, of course, but they are clever rodents and deserve our attention. Check out this beaver dam! It’s in Canada.

The dam as seen from space. MAP DATA © 2017 GOOGLE

Here‘s the article. Check out some other articles while you’re there. This is an oldie-but-goodie. If you don’t get enough email, you can subscribe to the Atlas Obscura newsletter.

Next time the story will be about me. I’m working on getting from flurry back to furry.



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