A Trip to the Vet

I went to the vet today. I look pretty good, and in lots of ways, I am just dandy. For one, I am processing a LOT of food lately. My appetite is good and everything looks good on the way out.


The grass is short this time of year.

The problem is that I am having trouble walking. The Farm Manager has arthritis and she says I walk the way she feels. Sometimes I even stumble, and the slick slimy deck is especially treacherous right now.


A car ride? REALLY? Nuts.

I’m not comfortable going up and down stairs, and so the Farm Manager hasn’t weighed me in a while. I’m looking a tad scrawny, though my fur is getting some winter bushiness.


Dobby’s lunch box: corn, lettuce, a “target”, banana chips, raisins, an apple

After seven and a half years of going to the vet, we have learned a thing or two. 1) You can’t put enough blankets into the car. and 2) You can’t take too many treats. We pack a bucket fulla food.


Urp! Holy crap, is that snow out there? Ooh, I’m not feeling so good.

I always seem to know what’s up. This time the Farm Manager wore a different scarf and hat so I didn’t want to put on my harness. Eventually I stepped into the harness and then we walked across the yard and OUT THROUGH THE GATE! I love this part. Up the ramp into the car is not quite as thrilling. I always get motion sickness, even as we are pulling out of the driveway!


Winter corn-on-the-cob is so scrawny I can bite nearly all the way across. Oh yeah, my teeth grew back in just fine.

It was a new vet clinic, but it was my friend Dr. Vincenzi! I sure was surprised to see him, but he was really happy to see me! Then things got serious. I’d rather not talk about the procedure, which involved a lot of stabbing attempts and then an actual bona-fide vampire stab. He thinks I am probably getting old and decrepit like the Farm Manager (it’s her birthday today!) so we are going to get me a sun for the kitchen. I’ll get pain medicine if my kidneys agree to it.

When I’m showing off I bite the corn as close to the Farm Manager’s fingers as I can. She loves my silly games!


More corn? That one was too small.

I ate some corn and then stumbled out of there in my new slippy-slidey wobbly way of walking that scares the heck out of the Farm Manager. Then we went home, I had my bedtime milk and went to bed.


That’s not a melted Fudgsicle.

I got the last laugh today, though! Look what The Bartender found stuck to the side of my potato bowl! They thought I was a good boy today! Hah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

7 responses to “A Trip to the Vet

  1. Happy Birthday Stacy! I hope the sun lamp helps Dobby with his rickety legs. I know how he feels! I find hills have suddenly appeared where I have walked for years, and never noticed them before! 😕 xx


  2. Hi Dobby. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble walking. I can sympathize. After a summer with a hurting knee, I finally went to the people vet and found out I have arthritis! I used to give one of my elderly guinea pigs (who has since passed) glucosamine and omega 3 fatty acids and that helped her a lot. I think I need some too. 🙂 Keeping her warm also seemed to help. Hang in there! And tell the farm manger Happy Birthday for me.


  3. Hi! Happy Blessed Birthday Stacy! Poor Dobby, I know how you feel. It’s no fun getting old. You look good tho. And I’m glad your eating good. We got some snow here in Buffalo and it makes me afraid of walking on it. I take tiny steps and woddle like an old lady (that’s because I am an old lady LOL!) I have a fear of slipping on the ice. I do like the snowflakes that are falling on your blog. Very creative. Take care. Lot’s of hugs, kisses, and well wishes coming your way. Ann


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