Dobbye Trip: Part 4 « Capybara Madness

Most of you read this post on the Capybara Madness website, but I want to make absolutely certain everyone has seen it!  Plus, there is no shame in re-blogging, especially if Dobby and I are featured! The link to the post is at the end, but here are a few highlights.

It’s rare to see both of us in the same photo.

Personally, I’ve read this blog more than once, myself. It is always fun to see Dobby from a different perspective.

Dobby likes me to grab his paws and shove him backwards into the water. Gari loved this game, too.

There is a video “somewhere on youtube” of a guy in Brazil playing the same water game with some wild capybaras in the river next to his restaurant! I have looked and looked, but I can’t find that video anywhere. I’ll send a prize to anyone who can find it!

Here’s that link I promised you:

Dobbye Trip: Part 4 « Capybara Madness.

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