Dobby’s Diary – Issue Number Two

I can’t believe Issue Number Two is finally here! Featured this time is a quiz: Are you ready for a capybara? It’s a dumb quiz, it’s way too long, and I am much too opinionated with my answers. It isn’t digital and no fancy software is going to tabulate it, so get a pencil and scratch paper for your scoring. Another name for it could be “What Stacy knows now that she didn’t know before she got Dobby.” But the newsletter is long enough without a title like that.

As before, feel free to print it out if you need to use up some ink cartridges. E-mail it to your friends, that’s what the pdf is for. Or just send them a link to it on this website.


2-2014_1 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_2 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_3 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_4 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_5 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_6 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_7 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_8 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_9 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_10 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_11 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_12 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_13 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_14 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_15 Dobby's Diary 2-2014_16 Dobby's Diary

This was a nasty piece of work to put together, so I know you will find boo-boos all over the place. Let me know about them so I can fret over whether or not to fix them, but please be kind. The neighbors are tired of hearing me swear at this computer, and you don’t want me telling them it was somehow YOUR fault. And don’t expect to see Issue Number Three any time soon.

Many thanks to those of you who so thoughtfully contributed to this issue in some way.

Here’s the link to the pdf with all the pages. This will take you to another page where you have to click on the link AGAIN to open the pdf. : 2-2014 Dobby’s Diary sm

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