Dobby’s Happy Day!

While we’re on the topic of Facebook, there is big news! Dobby’s Facebook page was re-connected to a human profile who can act as admin! He got locked out and because his admin had been deleted, he couldn’t log in. When that got fixed, suddenly he had the ability to ask for a name change, and after FIVE YEARS of confusing people with the misspelled “Dobbye” (and I even gave in and used that spelling HERE!) he is now D-O-B-B-Y! Hurray!

Now, I need to meander through this site and crop out a $hitload of e’s. If you catch any stray e’s please let me know! I think it will take a while to get it all cleaned up!


It’s about time!

You can check it out here!

3 responses to “Dobby’s Happy Day!

  1. This is so weird. When I saw this photo of Dobby I thought the expression on his face was an ‘about time’ look. That was BEFORE I saw the caption. I reckon I am England’s best capy face reader :-O


    • There have been a few “messages” from him lately that I was unable to decipher. Do you make house calls? (This is one of my favorite baby photos. How dare he have such an attitude at such a tender age!)


      • I am able to make a housecall to the amazing Dobby when I find a rich benefactor to pay my air fair across the Atlantic. Unfortunately my husband says the benefactor is not him!


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