Wild Adventure in Las Vegas!

After the 2014 BlogPaws conference, the Fearless Four visited our friend, Stacey, and her fabulous menagerie! Of course, Georgi brought her capybara, Mia!


Coral, Stacy, Georgi, and Melanie (seated, Mia)

Stacey has a lot of wild creatures with funny food names: 2 Sugar Gliders (Coconut & Pastrami), 2 Ferrets (Daikon & Cinnamon), 3 Hedgehogs (Poblano, Mochi & Mascarpone), 1 Blue Tongue Skink (Acai), 1 Short-Tailed Opossum (Iberico), 1 Red Eared Slider (Pepino), 1 Rose Hair Tarantula (Morel), 3 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (Scrapple, Vessie, & Haggis), 7 Cats (all rescue), and 2 Coatimundi (T Bone & Matza)


Coral meets Matza!

The Coatimundis were the craziest ones! I was excited to see them, having had a wild one cross my path in Panama!


T Bone says “Hello!”

The Coatimundis are cute and curious like raccoons, but a bit more excitable and into climbing and jumping like monkeys.


T Bone has a snack of mealworms

Coatimundis have a curious habit of sticking their heads into people’s mouths. By “people” I mean “Stacey.” They certainly didn’t stick their heads into MY mouth!


T Bone performs a dental examination

The Coatimundis get to run around the house, but they have a big closet outfitted with play equipment and toys.


T Bone is on Stacey’s shoulder, Matza approaches stage right

You don’t want to know what those frozen morsels in the bag are, but they are obviously favorite Coati treats!


“Say please, T Bone!”

The Coatimundi’s really liked Coral. Well, who wouldn’t?


Top to Bottom: Matza, Coral, T Bone

But then the Coatis discovered Mia, the capybara contingent of the entourage.


T Bone meets Mia and Georgi

They checked out Georgi, and then T Bone became infatuated with Mia.


Back to Front: Matza, Georgi, T Bone

My first impression that T Bone’s specialty was Dentistry was quickly replaced by the realization that he is actually an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist.


“Let me check out your ear, Mia” – T Bone

Matza, obviously still an intern, observes T Bone’s technique.


“Hold still!” – T Bone

Mia loves the attention!


T Bone checks Mia’s shoulder

The ear exam continues.


T Bone and Mia


T Bone and Mia


Mia and T Bone

T Bone pronounces Mia’s ears to be in superb condition!


“Next!” – T Bone

Mia takes a celebratory bath. Most guests don’t indulge in bathing during a casual visit, but Mia is not a typical guest, and in this household, the request is indulged without hesitation.


“Yes, this is definitely water!” – Mia

Meanwhile, we continued the menagerie tour! Poblano the hedgehog is quite photogenic, isn’t he?


So handsome, Poblano!

Thank you, Stacey, for a most excellent tour!


Georgi, Stacy, Melanie, and Stacey (I don’t really need to identify Mia, do I?)

One response to “Wild Adventure in Las Vegas!

  1. Is Matza a Jewish coatimundi;-) Great photos of what looked like a great day. Wish I had been there for this bunch of animal medics, inspectors and patients!


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