Mia the Capybara visits Bonnie Springs Ranch

Las Vegas is full of surprises. After BlogPaws we headed west to Bonnie Springs Ranch. Georgi and Mia beat us there and had spent the night in the fabulous motel.


Bonnie Springs Motel

Red Rock Canyon is where it is and what it looks like around there. Red and rocky.


Coral notes the stunning decor

When you have a capybara, sometimes the bedspread ends up on top of the bed, away from the TEETH.


Decorating detail

Fortunately, the priceless wall decorations were well above Mia-Mouth level.


Always the lady.

The motel terrace was perfect for Mia, and the x-pen even adjusted to give her a tiny grazing area!


Walking to the zoo.

Stacey and Andrew volunteer at the petting zoo at Bonnie Springs so we walked over to check it out.


Ducks and turtles

They have a nice big pond. Sorry, Mia, no capybaras!


Arriving at the zoo!

Mia had been frightened by the bizarre night sounds. Now that she sees the peafowl, she feels a little silly. They are noisy but friendly and curious.


Peahens and a young peacock

The zoo staff was captivated by little Mia. She expects to be the focus of our attention, now.


Mia is again the center of attention

Capybara visitors are not allowed in the zoo. I guess that’s pretty typical.

2014-05-12 11.40.31_w

Mia waits outside with Georgi

It’s capybara treat time, anyway. Wouldn’t want to miss that!

2014-05-12 11.55.51_w

Cantaloupe for Mia

The petting zoo is small and casual and the animals are friendly.


Three little pigs

The animals are as curious about us as we are of them.

2014-05-12 12.00.32_w

Prairie Dogs are funny. Or is fat the word I was looking for?

Some animals are curious, some shy, some are both.

2014-05-12 12.02.47_w

This is close enough!

Chickens and ducks wander everywhere.

2014-05-12 12.06.27_w

Sun bathing goat

Land of Lazy Bums!


Porcupine- that’s his tail sticking up to the right

A couple deer wander through the exhibit area, checking on their friends.

2014-05-12 12.10.52_w

The deer is talking to a Coatimundi

The pens are large and the animals are everywhere.


The animals are used to human contact

Even the spider webs are interesting at Bonnie Springs Zoo.


Spider “X”

Next time I go to Las Vegas, I’m going to stay at Bonnie Springs and check out the rest of their fun stuff.


Mia was still having fun- a good time to leave

The drive back to Las Vegas was studded with photogenic donkeys. Don’t worry, I’ll be back!


Don’t feed the donkeys! Even though you really want to.

One response to “Mia the Capybara visits Bonnie Springs Ranch

  1. What a cutie Mia is. It never ceases to amaze me how ‘pet friendly’ the USA is. I can’t think of anywhere in the UK that would allow/cater for a capy. It’s hard enough to find ‘dog friendly’ hotels! Hope someone sees this though and proves me wrong.


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