Blog Paws Donation! | ROUS Foundation

It really was quite a surprise. Especially since we had spent so much time straightening out our carefully orchestrated room reservations that we missed the original presentation on Thursday. Thank you BlogPaws for the repeat presentation!

Thanks, BlogPaws!

Melanie in a raspberry jacket complementing her fabulous floral dress.

Melanie Typaldos, Founder and President of the ROUS Foundation, accepts the gigantic check!

Thank you, Mia, for being such a good capybara ambassador!

Mia the Capybara wonders what the big check tastes like and which end to start at.

The ROUS Foundation was founded to ensure that pet capybaras like Mia grow to full size, get proper nutrition, and live long, healthy, happy lives.

When is lunch?

Melanie and Mia, inseparable.

Follow the link to read more!

Blog Paws Donation! | ROUS Foundation.

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