Howie the Duck visits the Funny Farm!

2013-12-31 11.17.51_w

Howie Duck Priddy

Once upon a time, a Duck named Howie came to visit the Funny Farm! The Funny Farm turned out to be a perfect place to visit because, you see, Howie is a very funny duck! First of all, he gets scared outdoors. So most of his visit was indoors…in the kitchen area that Dobbye is very suspicious of. So Dobbye and Howie only met briefly.


Howie didn’t want to get his feet muddy.

Howie is a very, very small duck. He was skeptical of the mud and the weather and then there is the sheer size of the rodent-beast he was meant to communicate with. So his mom admired and exclaimed and praised the magnificent brown thing and scuttled Howie back indoors.

2013-12-31 13.39.51_w

Stand back! Everyone’s going to get wet!

Howie is also afraid of swimming. Well, maybe not scared, exactly, he just sort of hates to get wet. He looks like he is taking a dainty sip of water, but for a duck who doesn’t much like water, he manages to splash everything within a couple feet of his water dish. Then he makes splashy movements AWAY from the water and wags his tail the way most ducks do IN the water!

2013-12-31 11.25.27_w

Howie enjoys a “swim.”

You probably want to ask what that red thing is under his tuchis. It is a DUCK DIAPER. You’re the one who asked. Howie loves wearing his diaper, and is famous for putting things in there. Like raw bacon. Actually, that was only once. He usually puts more mundane things in there, like string, or salad, or cat fur.


Back off!

Howie is a call duck, which is a type of domestic duck bred to be small and LOUD! Howie is a male, with a softer, rasping quack than a female. On the other hand, he has laid an egg! DNA testing shows him/her to be…confused.


Howie has imprinted on his human mom.

While it is true he isn’t very interested in ducks OR drakes, he is quite interested in shoes.


Howie is a real charmer!

 He is a very confident duck, and knows how to get his way. He is very sweet and cuddly if your name is “Mom.”


Actually, I’m very happy that he was wearing a diaper!

Anyone else on the planet can just go away, thank you!


Howie reviews photos for approval.

Thank you, Howie, for the nice visit!

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