A Very Foodish Boy | Eat Rio

Look at this! I am mentioned (and linked to!) in one of my very favorite blogs! I hope that doesn’t create some kind of crazy internet feedback! If I haven’t already convinced you that Rio is fabulous, check out Tom’s blog once in while and get ready to love Rio!

Rio de Janeiro at dawn

This is a link to the blog that THIS BLOG is linked to!

A Very Foodish Boy.

2 responses to “A Very Foodish Boy | Eat Rio

  1. Hooray! 😀 I was really pleased to have a chance to tell people about our correspondence which was so enjoyable! I’m sure your regular readers will be familiar with your witty writing style and hilarious sense of humour, but for me it was a real treat!


    • It just occurred to me that the combination of Eat Rio and Capybaras could inadvertently promote capybaras as a potential food item! I must say I was relieved when I never saw it on any menus in Brazil…and I did look for it!


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