Ex-England keeper’s encounter with world’s largest rodent | Bucks Free Press

Our friend Jack is still on the lam. With apple trees dropping fruit, all that nice green English grass, and a few sandwiches here and there (watercress, we hope!) Jack will do nicely until the weather changes. The climate there is nearly identical to Seattle’s, so we have no doubt he’ll go back home for snuggling weather.

According to this article, Lady Judi McAlpine said: “We have daily bulletins. He has taken possession of the river between Cookham Dean and Marsh Lock.

“He is eating everyone’s windfalls and is clearly happy as a Capi can be. “Except of course that he may now have noticed that there are no girls out there. Meanwhile, his wife waits patiently.

“There is no point in our catching him again. We don’t cage our animals and he would just be over the fence and back to the river. We really believe he will be back when it gets colder. If he shows any signs of stress we will be there like a shot with our big net and apples.

“We will play it day by day. He does like human company and he has taken to sitting by fishermen at night, just watching the river with them – and perhaps sharing their sandwiches?”





Click this link to read the original story:

Ex-England keeper’s encounter with world’s largest rodent (From Bucks Free Press).

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