Capycoppy Goes to Brazil

Atlantis Copacabana, Room #8006

Capycoppy and me

Capycoppy went to Rio de Janeiro! He spent a lot of time guarding the hotel room.

Storm at night

Storm at night

We had a pretty good storm one night. The wind was howling and the curtains were blowing- even with the windows closed! There is an outside wall panel covering the hole where an old air conditioner used to be. As the wind blows, you can see the panel move, there is a gap at the side that bulges open with the gusts of wind.


The prisoner escapes!

Capycoppy begged to go out, but refused to walk. We finally compromised: he could come if there was room in the camera bag, and if he agreed to be my lumbar pillow in the little rental car.

Barra de Tijuca

The naturalists at PARQUE NATURAL MUNICIPAL DE MARAPENDI see their first capybara plushie!

I had heard that there were capybaras at the park just west of Rio de Janeiro. The naturalists there took us on a night walk at nearby Chico Mendes Park, where we did see a capybara! Taking pictures of dark moving animals at night is rarely successful, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

Room #8006

Watching tv

Meanwhile, back at Room #8006, we were packing up to drive north, to the farm where Sam worked this summer.

Our fancy room

Resort at Rio Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil

We stayed at a Posada, or small family-run guest house just down the road from Tabatinga Farm.

Room with a view

The hillside was covered with sugar cane, which they cut and fed to the dairy cows.

They had 6 guinea fowl, and told us they have an otter in the little pond next door.

Guarding the luggage heap

Guarding the luggage heap

The little refrigerator under this heap wasn’t plugged in, and besides, I needed the outlet for my camera battery, ipad, Sam’s computer, and the rest of our electronic stuff. See that key? It was the only one she had for that room, and we accidentally took it when we left! We gave it to our farmer friend to return.


Uma garrafa termica, the ubiquitous thermos of coffee

Hotels in Brazil always serve a nice breakfast, and except at the big hotels, they always serve the coffee in these thermos containers, and the coffee is good and hot!


There was always bread, cheese, and meat for breakfast.

The queijo (cheese) on the right is made in Minas Gerais, the state immediately north of Rio de Janeiro. the larger is fresh cheese, similar to mozzarella but not stringy or rubbery, mild flavored like a monterey jack. The smaller piece the the left is aged. The rolled up orange cheese is a lot like ours. The jar has kind of a sweet gooey cheese spread.


Can you see Capycoppy’s ear? He is on the pillow on the bed in the corner!

Our next bedroom wasn’t a hotel at all! We stayed in a very nice home with a fantastic family in the town of Vicosa. I got to see lots of capybaras there, and monkeys, too! Capycoppy just wanted to stay here forever!

Room #6006

Back at the hotel in Rio, room #6006 looks a LOT like room #8006!

Capycoppy was very pleased to be my lumbar pillow when we returned home with this capivara money from Silva Jardim!


Capivari notes from Silva Jardim!

Time to celebrate!



The next day we circled the Lagoa (lake) looking for urban capivaras. We didn’t find any, but found this great restaurant! We started talking to a guy who ended up offering us some of his dinner! People in Brazil are friendly and generous!


One beer and I’m already feeling fuzzy.

The only surly person we met in Brazil was the waitress who brought Sam a passion fruit Caipirinha (cachaca) instead of a passion fruit suco (juice). I offered to drink it for him, sucking those seeds down like tapioca in bubble tea.

Passion Fruit Caipirinha

Passion Fruit Caipirinha- complete with little seeds that look like eyeballs or frog eggs!

She got his dessert order right!


Brownie with vanilla ice cream

The only capivaras we found at the lagoa were at this bar. Can you see them?

urban capivaras at night

The capybaras are at about the middle of the photo.

They had cutout capybaras all over the place, and capybara drawings on the menu. Our friendly waiter said the capybaras are very shy, the cachorros (dogs) chase them away.


Capycoppy rides the capycycle! Do you see the little capybara cutout on the far side of the front wheel?

Back to the hotel. Don’t you think room #1006 looks a lot like #6006 and #8006? Well, not quite, because the view is better!

Room #1006

It’s higher!

When it isn’t stormy, it’s a pretty nice view!

Capycoppy checks out the view

Capycoppy checks out the view

I took about a million photos, but they can’t all fit into one blog. Stay tuned!

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