Meet the Funny Farm

In winter, the Funny Farm is actually a Funny Mud Hole.
Norman the Goose is the flock manager. His mate is Cubicle. 
I’m Dobby the capybara, and I’m way in the back with some hens.
The grass grows quickly in the spring.
Victor is that white drake, with his friends Emilio, Boxcar, and Boondocks. 
Shamrock, the tall dark one, is a meany.

Here are three of the newest hens, Whitney, Madonna, and Jello.
Winky is that brown muscovy hen doing yoga.
Romeo and Julian are the big muscovy drakes to the left.
They are rescues like Jose and Fabio.
Victor and Emilio are rescues, too.
  I love my flock, especially the hens. 
I like Wiley Wabbit, too. He is a wescue wabbit.
 Sometimes they get too close, though.
Never forget who is boss here!
 Here is Wiley with Bonnie. She is a very nervy rabbit. 
She likes to sneak up onto my bed. NOT ALLOWED, Bonnie!
Helen is the worst, though. She doesn’t come outside as often, but she lives inside! 
IN MY KITCHEN! In the part of the kitchen where I’m not allowed. 
How unfair is that?

She keeps rearranging her furniture.
 She has also been doing some re-decorating in the kitchen.
 This is the worst punishment I have ever seen her get.
How stupid is that? I think she saw it on the internet.
 Fortunately the cats live outside.
This is Kitty Hawk. He was our first feral rescue. 
This is Grover. He just moved in and hasn’t even left his cage yet.
Right after this photo was taken he moved up to that upper level. 
He’s very shy but is losing his aggressive tendencies and knows his name.
 Pirate has a gimpy leg but he’s a very sweet, friendly bird. 
He lives out with Bonnie and Wiley Wabbit
because the flight cage of rescue doves are just too rowdy for him.

This is the Dude Ranch. This side has three rescue guinea pigs.
This side has two foster guinea pigs.
Ziggy came from an actual rescue.
Fred and Stevie Ray came from a family with bad allergy problems.
Stevie Ray has REALLY long hair and grooming issues. 
This guy can really chatter up a storm!
Frederick of Hollywood, his stylist, 
is not as diligent as he might have you believe.
  Ziggy steers clear of the whole grooming issue. 
He has some wild hairs of his own.
I’m really glad he’s moved out of MY kitchen area.
  Carl Sagan and Anksheshonq have been visiting for a really long time!
They are nearly ideal guests, other than the wheeking!
Carl has one white glove he is embarrassed about.

Ankhy pretends to be in charge…from inside his pigloo.
It’s okay that Jorge and Vincent are still in the kitchen. 
They are both second-hand birds.
Spike is the newest guy in the kitchen. He’s in charge of being cheerful.
He was rescued from Petco’s back room. 
 When Ziggy moved out I thought it would be hunky dory, 
but sometimes I have kitchen visitors.
It’s okay when it turns out to be baby hens. 
This is Whitney, Jello, Madonna, Newport, and Lula.
I’m still king of the backyard, though!
I have my own bathroom. 
I never have to share, even when we have house guests!
 I have the best mud puddle EVER in the front yard!
I’m the only pet allowed in the front yard! 
Except for Poodle the chicken, of course. She’s special.
 This is my bed. And don’t you forget it! 
I’m ready for bed, so BRING ON THE MILK!

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