New Cat in the Aviary

I like to share my breakfast with the chickens in the aviary.
Actually, it’s THEIR breakfast.
The kitchen scraps are better in the summer!
Plus, there are dandelion greens.

We have some new ducks, Quackie and Little Duck.
They had a tragedy at their house and should be safer here.
This is a morning sunny spot where the hens hang out.
Little Red Girl, on the left, came with the tragic ducks. 
The white hen in the first photo, Sister, also arrived with them.

 This is my flock and it’s as good as any herd could be.
I just like hanging out with them in the mornings.

 Winky is sitting on eggs, again.

Ding Dong is sitting again, too.
 Penguin the chicken is sitting on golf balls, again.
Pretty soon, golf balls will have to replace Ding Dong and Winky’s eggs.
Kitty Hawk belongs in his pen.
That’s just my opinion.
Right here in his pen.

For some reason, another cat came to the aviary.
I had a chat with him, and now he poops outside the box, like me.

Grover is very shy but looks like Kitty Hawk. Kind of.

Here’s Kitty Hawk, for comparison.

This is a “Let’s See” situation. 
So far, Kitty Hawk has hissed at Grover,
 and Grover is scared to come out of his carrier to eat.

I am still the King Of Everything. 
Prince Dobalob Rules the Roost!

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