Public Enemy #1

She looks very innocent here, but Helen is my enemy.
She lives in the kitchen, just on the other side of
the wall that keeps me OUT of the kitchen.
This should be my territory.
 I try to look at her over the wall, but all I can do is smell her.
If I am not paying attention to her, she tosses her toys, thumps,
and chews on the wall to get my attention.
She is always just under my nose.
She has a litter box, a kitchen, some toy boxes and a little bed.
If the litter box isn’t cleaned to her specifications,
she lets everyone know about it.
It’s possible she was right about the litter box this time.
One annoying thing is that she has the run of the kitchen.
 She has a another hut right by the gate, too!
This is where she does most of her thumping and gnawing.
 When I am asleep at night, the gate opens.
Do you see something annoying in MY AREA?
She eats my guinea pig food, kernels of corn, and bits of potato.
 I guess I could think of her as a janitor.
 But if she’s a janitor, she should be fired!
Lazy bum.
 Lately she has been coming out to my special pasture, too!
If I ignore her she stamps and runs around to get my attention.
Oh, Helen!

3 responses to “Public Enemy #1

      • You should look at breeder’s websites for rescues as most double! So many hedgies are in need of homes. Thank you for taking a look at my blog.
        – Jake


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