This is a poor excuse for a swimming pool.

But it is warm on my cold feet.                                           A little warm water to drink.

It’s getting dark already.
  What does snow taste like, anyway?

 This is actually pretty tasty.
Munch munch munch
 Snow tastes better when your feet and butt are warm.

 I know I asked you to pour warm water over me but 
I’m not sure that was a very good idea, actually.
 I think I actually froze up there for a minute!
 I better go back inside while I still can!
Thank goodness she doesn’t let very much of the snow come inside!
Ha ha ha, my butt is wet! Better than frozen, though.

2 responses to “Un-Happybara

  1. Dobby is adorable! Does he ever make public appearances? I've never had the pleasure of meeting a capybara that is used to the company of people.


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