My front yard grass is gone.
 It seems like a regular day when I’m inside eating potatoes, 
but every time I go outside I remember that something is very wrong out there.
 Still, it gets boring inside. 
Once I finish my noon corn on the cob, I’m ready to play!
 Then I go out and come back in again when I remember 
there isn’t going to be any swimming or grass to eat today.
 In and out.
 Let’s go visit the ducks and chickens so
I can play in the straw in the barn!
 Ha ha ha I’ve been out here a while. 
You can almost see the kitty in this photo. 
Hawk’s eyes are glowing just below the plastic shower curtain that 
keeps the wind and snow out of his bed.
 Okay, I’ll come out of there, now. 
The chickens went to bed a while ago.
 Stacy and I made a lot of footprints today but 
all those little ones to the right are 
wild Mallard footprints. 
The squirrel footprints are tiny.
 My feet are cold.
 I usually have my bedtime milk outside!
 There are a LOT of blankets in here right now!
 Can it be true? I’m inside tonight!
Good night!
(I promise to be a good bara!)

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