Coral and Carl and the Capybara

I thought it was going to be another ordinary day.

I’m just in the back yard checking out my new bathtub. Someone put water in, but I am NOT going in there.

Stacy is proud of my new bathroom, anyway. She is showing it to Coral and Carl.

Look at my new brush! It matches Stacy! But Coral is afraid of me. Maybe because she isn’t wearing purple.

Stacy demonstrates the use of my brand new purple brush.

Coral finally agrees to try the brush.

Yeah- under the chin! Stacy thinks she needs to tell Coral everything, but Coral seems to know what capybaras like.

Ha ha ha! Look at Stacy- she’s sitting on my toilet!

Coral finally realized how much I like her.    

Look how pouffy I am!

Coral was much more relaxed by the time we got to the Front Yard.

I was trying to do the guinea pig heads-up thing because I know Coral misses Sambal and Hello Pineapple.

Coral was very interested in my morillo until she realized it made her hand greasy! Ha ha ha, Coral!

My harness got a little sideways, but I got an apple, hours before my real Potato Time! That mostly happens when special visitors come! Thanks for being such good visitors, Carl and Coral!

2 responses to “Coral and Carl and the Capybara

  1. Cute pix, Dobby! 🙂 I'm very glad that you were so loving & pouffy to Coral and that you helped her to be less anxious around capys. I especially liked the pic of her brushing under your chin; it reminded me of how my pet rats LOVED when I pet them under their chins! I loved it too, because that was the spot where their fur was the softest! I miss my boys.Hugs from Shari Kaplan in Cali. (I'm signing this w/ my LiveJournal account but as you know, I'm much more active on Facebook!)P.S. Is purple Stacy's fave color? If so, she has good taste, because it's my fave as well!


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