Little Winky, My Duckling Friend (who wants to eat my eyeball)

When Winky first came in, I shared my milk with him and I got really pouffy.

I even let Winky share my White Rabbit Rug.

Winky looks so innocent when he is sleeping. But the next day, Winky jumped very high and pecked at my eyeball! I was just standing there minding my own business. I admit that sometimes I can be a bit boorish, but I was being a gentleman when he attacked my eye! Even when he tried to eat my eye I was a good boy.

Winky has moved out to the aviary and lives in the baby hut now. He has this little cage under the apple tree to stay in when he visits the big ducks in the back yard.

 This is Winky’s Aunt Ding Dong and his Dad, Brad. When he is in this cage, there is almost always a Muscovy nearby watching over him.

Aunt Ding Dong really likes Winky a lot. She kissed him a little bit today, but he darts around like he is racing in a go-kart so he can’t be trusted to stay with her.

Aunt Hershey likes him, too. While she was watching Winky, he snuck away and pecked my eyeball again. He is just a baby so I don’t run away or get mad, but he is starting to be very annoying.

Winky’s Mama is Cocoa. She pecks Winky gently, just enough so that he goes away. Aunt Hershey watches Winky closely when Cocoa is around.

Sometimes the mama ducks take a break, and then the guys, Norman the Flock Manager and Winky’s Dad, Brad, take over watching. I think it will eventually work out having Winky outside IF HE STOPS TRYING TO EAT MY EYEBALL!

One response to “Little Winky, My Duckling Friend (who wants to eat my eyeball)

  1. I love how members of the Winnick menagerie boast names ranging from Winky and Aunt Ding Dong to Norman and Brad. I also love that Dobby got pouffy when the eyeball-eating duck approached. Awww! Is he still making goose-donkey sounds?


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