3 Brown Ducks

I got to help clip the duck wings! First I got to help capture them by marking my favorite shrub while Stacy picked up the ducks, one by one. I had to stay outside the barn while she grabbed the last one, though. It really didn’t want to be picked up. I watched the ducks, eye to eye, while they were being clipped and made sure they didn’t wriggle away! Now they don’t fly to the roof any more but they can still get up onto my straw steps to poop. I like the brown ducks because they are friendly, but respectful.
This morning I was very proud. I had been in the aviary for a long time and Stacy came to let me out. She opened the gate and said “Don’t let the chickens out!” like she always does. That’s because 8 chickens ran over to the gate to come out with me. So this time I carefully and gently pushed all 8 chickens away from the gate with my nose. Then I rushed out the gate and got even my big tuchis outside the gate before I sat down to rub my butt. It feels good to help and I like my job.

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