Well, I think old Leonardo (Muscovy drake) heard Stacy saying he probably wouldn’t make it through the winter because he wasn’t looking too good yesterday. He was walking around so slow it seemed it would take all day to cross the yard. And he was even slower at going through the gate than I am. Some obnoxious brown girlie ducks (chocolate Muscovies) showed up at the end of the summer for old Leonardo and his son, Brad, but they never even paid any attention to them. I think that’s why Hershey flew away yesterday. Cocoa has been sitting on the railing with Ding Dong, and they even all three flew onto the roof, but no one thought they’d be foolish enough to fly away! Hershey made it through the night, though, and showed up at the corn dish with the wild mallards in the morning. Stacy said she was going to clip their wings and I sure hope I get to help! I’ll chase them fall over the aviary to calm them down! That will get them nice and muddy. Then I’ll stand too close and try to get her attention by nipping her coat-tails. Yep, it will be a fine day for me to be a Big Help.

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