BlogPaws, the Event

 The actual event involved a lot of posing and a lot of paparazzi.

 Here is Melanie telling a Disney movie director 
to make a movie featuring capybaras.
A few minutes later Papua Piig is charming him, 
sending subliminal messages about movies featuring guinea pigs.
 When the paparazzi became unbearable, Papua Piig retired to 
The Pumpkin Room, his little bistro in a bathtub.
 Papua Piig just brings out the best in everyone!
 Don’t look now, but there are paparazzi EVERYWHERE!
 Don’t worry, little Papua Piig! I won’t let her take any more photos!
 Angela, posing with the (decoy) puppy from the thrilling (not) 
Spooky Buddies movie.
 Here we have the surly Disney pup trainer attempting to pose 
Melanie, Super Gari, and Decoy Pup.
 Not this again. Melanie is at the computer. 
We need a diversion!
One of the most exciting things that happened wasn’t Hurricane Irene, 
swirling leaves and garbage up into the hotel lobby. 
It was a rescue of two guinea pigs by 
Becky Wilson from Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. 
 Here’s Shake and Quake! 
Shake was determined to be blind in one eye and pregnant! 
It turned out to be worse than that. 
Quake seems to be in fair condition. Guinea Pig Today
 The final evening of the event was cause for celebration!
(left to right) Capycoppy, Decoy Piig, Decoy Piig, Flat Dobby, and Flat Peanut 
(doesn’t Peanut look real in this photo?)
 Melanie brought a puzzle! 
(left to right)  Melanie Capybara Madness
Dean who became our hero when he showed up with wine, 
 We couldn’t have done it without the wine!
Packing it in for the day! We’re already looking forward to the 
2012 Blog Paws Conference in Salt Lake City!

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