Delivery for Dobby

Sometimes trucks come to the house, but I have only gotten one real present from a truck. It was from my big brother, Caplin.

Wow- that thing is BIG!

The big thing is coming into the back yard!
That means it is MINE, no matter what it is!

Justin and Horatio are taking a little break.
That thing is heavy and Horatio is doing most of the work.

I wanted them to put it in my bedroom, but they wouldn’t listen to me.

I think I know what it is but it couldn’t be for me.

I’m just going to look over the edge to see what is inside it.
Besides Stacy. Why is she standing in it?
What is this, anyway? A bathroom sink?

Hey! This looks like a bathtub! I like bathtubs!
I like to have my picture taken when I am in the bathtub!

That looks like a potty, too!
My poop could go in there and go away, like it did when I was a baby living inside!

I think I am going to have a First Quality Guaranteed bathroom in my back yard!

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