My Second Year

I was still kind of a baby when I was one. I weighed about 80 pounds (35kg) but I was still growing.


I got a birthday present from my brother, Gari. I miss him so much.

Not too many people had pet capybaras in 2010. I was pretty spoiled.


The Farm manager brushed me all the time.

She was still working, but when she was home, she was all mine!


I was still allowed in the house, but I was supervised.

It’s hard to believe that little X-Pen kept me in my kitchen area. I could have jumped over, but I still liked to be a good boy. Sometimes.


This was the year that I got my laptop, and started to write my own blog posts.

Sometimes I had guests, but this darling little duck pecked my eyeball! She had been abandoned by her mother, but I didn’t want her, either! She turned into Winky and went to live outdoors.


Winky and me

I didn’t sleep indoors any more. I got a fancy wall heater after I tried to rub my morrillo on that heat lamp! Ooops!


My boudoir

It was a good year.


I wasn’t full grown, about 3/4 of clumsy enthusiasm.

I did a lot more swimming in my second year, and hadn’t eaten any big pools yet.


The Bartender skims off the leaves.

Everyone admired my growing morrillo.


I rubbed my nose on everything.

There was a lot of rubbing to do in the front yard. Big boys get to explore the entire yard!


Must mark the BBQ cover!

There were big changes in the back yard, too! Compare the next two photos! I’m not talking about the snow, either!


Something is missing!

The Farm Manager had a bathroom built for me!


I don’t like snow!

I made footprints in my first snow. I don’t like it, but that is what the kitchen is for!


No snow in the kitchen!

Happy birthday to me!



4 responses to “My Second Year

    • Thank you! It’s a relief to be eight years old. Seven was an extremely difficult year, and there were times I wasn’t sure I would make it to this birthday! My aching back is on the mend, I’m not planning to fracture any more teeth this year, and my autobiography is coming right along!


    • I had a couple year’s worth of bad luck last year, clearing the deck for a spectacular spring, summer, and fall! Winter is always nasty, so the best I can hope for is boring. A boring winter sounds almost pleasant.


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