Dobby’s frozen pool

I am so annoyed!

What happened here?

My swimming pool froze last night.


When it became clear that nobody was going to fix it for me,

Why doesn’t anyone notice this disaster?

I did my Doofus Dance on the top step and came down.

Step to the left-

-swing to the right!

6 responses to “Dobby’s frozen pool

  1. ZOMG! I had a similar experience only not as bad, it was just my little toilet bowl. I didn't do a doofus dance either. But I also wrote a blog about it. Oh, little bro, we are so much the same and yet so different!


  2. My potty water froze, too. The ducks and chickens keep their water open (the chickens keep pecking at little holes and the ducks SWIM) so I am visiting them today. They have a heat lamp just like mine but they also have straw that I like to roll in. The rabbit and quail water froze, too, and the hummingbirds were really mad about their frozen nectar. SOMEBODY forgot to take the feeder inside last night and had to make new nectar this morning.


  3. Wow! Flapper's pools froze as well and he was NOT happy about it. Great to meet you, Dobby. Maybe we'll actually get to come meet you in person sometime, since we're both in Seattle.


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